STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 January 2011

Ceratosaurus in images.

Ceratosaurus has appeared, despite his Giovanni Ribsi-esque background character stature in the world of dinosaurs, in many different types of images. We know there are paintings. There are always paintings of dinosaurs and for Ceratosaurus this is no exception with many brilliant examples existing from a multitude of spectacular artists. 
There are also old stop motion movie Ceratosaurus. Those big clunky models that always have crazy erratic movements and are featured in movies with cavemen. One of the poor guys even gets speared in a movie I remember from childhood, and that Ceratosaur was just looking for a caveman sandwich!

There are CG versions in video games, dinosaur documentaries, all over really.
There are, of course crazy old paleontologist's pencil drawings as well. These 18-19th Century pencil drawings always amaze me. They're funny, but they're also a sign of their times and despite the comical nature of them, typically, they were the height of scientific understanding, which makes them fantastic in their own right.

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