STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 January 2011

Family time on Sundays with Ceratosaurs

Ceratosaurus fact sheet, to begin with, as always. Additionally, there are some good coloring opportunities waiting this week both online and offline. There are also family game time opportunities here with card games and video games. That's a difficult game to get your hands on these days though. If you've got a really dino-hungry person in your life, Ceratosaurus has been "lucky enough" to be considered acceptable for toy manufacturing by the demanding public. The dinosaur Toy Collector's guide features the model below on its website.

 The "dinotoyblog" features this Ceratosaur and the entry is authored by the Dr. Smith who volunteered his Camarasaurus for last week's edited pencil drawing. He contributes there frequently as he created the blog.

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