STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 March 2011

The discoveries and namings of Edmontosaurus.

Oh more bone wars stories on discovery day! The first described remains that may belong to Edmontosaurus were named Trachodon atavus in 1871 by E D Cope. The first well-supported species of Edmontosaurus was named in 1892 as Claosaurus annectens by O C Marsh, collected in 1891 by John Bell Hatcher from the late Maastrichtian-age Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation of Niobrara County Wyoming. Since that time Trachodon and Claosaurus have been renamed. The name Edmontosaurus itself comes to us from Lawrence Lambe (the guy they named Lambeosaurus after) while finding skeletons and skulls in Alberta, Canada in 1917.
Lawrence Morris Lambe (1863-1919)

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