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STL Science Center

18 March 2011

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© Tuomas Koivurinne 2000, Ink on paper

This week we shall venture into the very Late Cretaceous forests of South Dakota and Montana in search of one of the last great Hadrosaurs: Anatotitan. This week's profile picture is an older work from Tuomas Koivurinne. Anatotitan was one of the last Hadrosaurs to evolve and roam the forests and plains of the Late Cretaceous. Anatotitan's genus includes two species: A. copei  and A. longiceps. Some authors have equated A copei to Edmontosaurus as a synonym. We shall see what makes Anatotitan who Anatotitan is and later on, when we discuss Edmontosaurus, we can decide if we agree.

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