STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 March 2011

Oviraptor in images

Some of the best images come from the best artists, of course!

Raul Martin

Julius Csotonyi, as examples. However, there's a debate about the looks of Oviraptor. Did they really sport a crest like those shown in the great art of Csotonyi and Martin? Charlie McGrady has taken a look at both sides of the argument by presenting Oviraptors as having a crest in males but not in females and juveniles. His work on the subject can be found here. Also, you can look at this parenting picture and let me know who to credit, because I don't know who it belongs to. It's a wonderful study in what we now believe to be a wonderful parenting instinct belonging to Oviraptors.

Also, because I love exposing Tuomas Koivurinne's art (mostly because it's wonderful stuff and he deserves the exposure) here's a great painting that adds some feathering to the body of our hero this week:

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