STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 March 2011

Popular thought surrounding Edmontosaurus?

Pop culture has been kinder to some dinosaurs than others. Edmontosaurus, unfortunately, doesn't have much that helps it stand out. It has that duck bill, sure, but it doesn't have an astounding crest, horns, giant claws, fearsome teeth, or a tail that looks more like a whip. It is the equivalent of a giant prehistoric cow. How can the general public get excited about a cow? The answer is that it doesn't, not really. There are not mounds of documentaries starring Edmontosaurus, though Jurassic Fight Club features one prominently but they don't make much of a stir otherwise in that world. They don't feature in any movies really either. There are toys and books that mention them however. Sometimes toys aren't 100% accurate, but who can complain about this guy:

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