STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 April 2011

The naming of a little thief

As was stated in the articles yesterday, Henry F Osborn named and described Ornitholestes. The expedition which found Ornitholestes in Wyoming was organized by the American Museum of Natural History. The same museum in New York that contains the Childs Frick building, a ten story storage area named after the paleontologist Childs Frick for all the fossils they have unearthed on expeditions since they began collecting in the 19th century as well as being home to numerous displayed skeletons; among these are found many skeletons we have looked at since the inception of this educational site. The man responsible for suggesting the name, however, had nothing to do with the museum. Theodore Nicholas Gill was a professor of Zoology at George Washington University at the time that he suggested the genus name to Osborn.

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