STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 April 2011

Snack time of the wee bitty sharp toed gods!

Yes, it is a sad truth that most of the times we hear the name of this week's dinosaur we are typically hearing about how it may have been attacked, killed, and eaten by the smaller theropods of its time; the deinonychosaurs (or maybe it's dromaeosaurs in general). Anyway, enough about being a snack and defenseless and all that. Everyone has a niche or they would not have evolved and they certainly would not have been born. Our task for the week, then, is to discover, explore, and figure out why this dinosaur was so tasty! Since its niche does seem to be being eaten. We will also, in the course of finding out "why so tasty?" discover what this animal ate, how it moved, what it looked like; the typical things we find out over the course of a week. Therefore, without too much further ado, I bring to you, the Tenontosaurus:

Together forever by IsisMasshiro
Here are some unmolested ones to look at too:

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