STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 May 2011

Backdated to Thursday 12 May 2011

Blogger was down Thursday and Friday morning, so two today. The first one is from yesterday and is about Edaphosaurus:

Well Blogger is down right now so today I'll just be posting on here. The thing with Edaphosaurus is that it's run in popular culture is as a sidenote to Dimetrodon typically. However, one place that Edaphosaurus was the highlight and Dimetrodon never appeared was in an animated kids show that came out in 1989, the year after the original Land Before Time. That's important because the drawings are similar and it's always nice to know who borrowed from whom. The show was called Dink, the Little Dinosaur and the Edaphosaurus was named Shyler. Again it was a time of mistaken cohabitation, as with many kids shows, but that's okay. I'm sad I don't really remember it though.

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