STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 May 2011

Diictodon behavior on screen

Well this says a lot about appearance of Diictodon and its behaviors as considered by current science. Walking With Monsters also shows Diictodon habits, but in that instance it shows the animals in a natural environment rather than a hospital. The contrast between nature and what these animals would most likely do to current human buildings and creations is interesting food for thought however. I'd still love to have one as a pet if they existed. This is the same video I used for Gorgonops, however, pay close attention to the group mentality of Diictodon in the documentary. It is much more mammalian than other animals in the mammal like reptile world are portrayed in the series. It possesses, according to the technical advisers of the show at least, a very meerkat/gopher like warning system for the community though the animals are not at all community dwellers like the mammals. They live near to one another but they don't have common burrows. If this is indeed the true nature of the animals than perhaps it was just one step away from the mammals which act so very similar in many ways.

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