STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 May 2011

Dimetrodon and kids.

Dimetrodon is like the gateway drug for childhood dinosaur fanatics. Growing up a wee bit we find out it's not a dinosaur, but it was still the first interesting animal we found in the giant tub of dinosaurs someone bought us. All the other animals were pretty typically shaped monsters but that sail really piqued our interests. Growing up the first model I ever built, before planes and cars and tanks and a few boats, was a Dimetrodon standing proudly on a rock outcropping. In fact, this is the box and finished model:
So obviously we were led to believe this was a dinosaur by its inclusion in that tub of dinosaurs and the model here. Today we can inform the kids in our lives that Dimetrodon is way older than dinosaurs and that makes it even more interesting; "There was else something before dinosaurs? No way!" So here to share the facts is the dubiously titled (I say that and I'm putting Dimetrodon on a page called Dinosaur of the Week). Then we have Enchanted Learning's online coloring page. Of course, what would kids day be without more coloring with a search result from Google or toys from a wide selection of places to go? I'll leave you with a meeting of the Dimetrodon toys of the world:

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