STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 May 2011

Eryops' movie roles

The plain fact is that there are no starring roles. There are barely background roles. Poor amphibians, you know? Like the (incorrect) mentions we hear about Edaphosaurus being Dimetrodon's snack all the time. The few mentions of Eryops in any type of film are usually as a Dimetrodon snack or "and this animal existed too, on to reptiles." Amphibians are given a bum rap most of the time and unfortunately Eryops suffers from this condition in the same way that many of its brother amphibians do. In fact, this short clip below glosses over Permian amphibians and mentions Eryops, but only shows it being eaten. The voice is a little annoying, but watch it anyhow.

At 4:20 of this annoyingly dance music themed video on transitional fossils there is a showcase of Eryops fossils and where they sit in the timeline of life, vaguely at leas. Mute and watch!

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