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STL Science Center

26 May 2011

The other popular culture entries

First we mentioned the two shows where Gorgonops' genus makes a big entry; Primeval and Walking with Monsters. Then I mentioned that there really aren't toys associated with Gorgonops. So what does that really leave us with to find for Gorgonops? Strangely, a lot of interesting things. One thing that I loved is this sketch by Ricardo Ramirez that shows the differences between the two animals depicted on those shows in their skull structure. It's very well done and very well detailed.
WwM             and           Primeval
The second thing is a book that I'm definitely going to have to read now. Sometimes I feel silly buying and reading books aimed at 10-15 year olds, but I'll make an exception for this one. It's called The Last Synapsid and features a story involving two children, a Diictodon and a gorgonopsid. In Colorado. In the present day. I don't see how I could not ask myself to read this book honestly. The gorgonopsid may not be the main character, but it's a vital plot mechanism and that makes it important to the story, obviously. If someone reads it before I do, don't ruin it for me.

The last thing is video games. There's always a video game creator or home modifier that will put their favorite animals, creature, spaceship into a game and save a video of it. This week, someone has done that on Spore, as we've seen so many other times in the past. Spore is a great game for people to create their evolutionary fantasy world, which works greatly for us as amateur paleontologists because we can see detailed models of animals that are not always readily available to us anywhere else. So thank you Spore, and thank you to Rampardo5 for creating this video of his Gorgonops in Spore.

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