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STL Science Center

05 May 2011

Popular Dimetrodon

1959's Journey to the Center of the Earth's Dimetrodon were clever interpretations but obviously false monsters. We saw the Walking with Monsters Dimetrodon that was fairly vicious and sprinted over short distances. And we made mention of the strange peculiarity of toy makers to include Dimetrodon in with dinosaurs in their giant dinosaur toy bins. So what's left to mention for our popular culture day? Well in 1974 a claymation/live action hybrid television show called Land of the Lost featured a number of animals. One of these animals was a Dimetrodon named Torchy. Torchy was a completely ridiculous TV interpretation of the animal, but ridiculousness is what makes for ratings, so I see their point:
Did I mention Torchy breathed fire?

Leaving Torchy behind, there is a fairly good, but older, documentary that is much more documentary than Walking with Monsters. You can watch the entire episode starting here (and continuing to the bottom):
Enjoy these new sources of popular culture! Also, enjoy Dr. Timothy Rowe, an email acquaintance of mine (I'd like to say a friend of mine because he does awesome work that I am very interested in, but it is, alas, not true)!

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