STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 June 2011


A Late Cretaceous dinosaur, Prenocephale was a small Pachycephalosaur from middle Asia. Living in what would have been the high upland forests of Cretaceous Mongolia, Prenocephale (and close kin/potential juvenile of the species Homalocephale) were the largest of their Asian kin. Some studies of fossils make this animal synonymous with some American species, meaning that Prenocephale may have been the largest Asian and also an average sized American Pachycephalosaur. Weighing in at about 290 pounds and measuring about 8 feet long it was, like many other Asian animals, fairly small; even "modern sized" in reference to the size of our wildlife today would describe some of the Asian dinosaurs. Prenocephale, however, was still a dinosaur despite its size and thus lived in a different world from us altogether. It was a world like this:

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