STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 June 2011

Unfortunate Travel

On vacation I assumed the computer would work in the hotel. It did not, and therefore I am just now getting to update. Since it's too short for a whole dinosaur this week, I'll put up some tidbits from the museum I went to on Saturday. First and foremost, I watched Dr. Robert Bakker drawing Pterosaurs. I didn't stay to watch too long as my wife and I were sitting on a bench next to a staff only stairwell and I happened to look down and see one of my favorite scientists ever drawing flying reptiles in a no visitors area; after a while I felt like I might get yelled at by someone from the museum or that I was just being creepy watching someone draw from a floor above them. When I sat down he was finishing a Rhamphorhyncus but I snapped a few pictures of his next drawing and took a really short video of him drawing the head. I can't tell what he was going for and I didn't get to hear him give the talk he was preparing these for because it was a member's only lecture. I was excited just to watch him draw though. Is it silly to say I was really excited to get to watch this?

Sorry about the lighting!

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