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STL Science Center

12 July 2011

Articles of Epic Proportions

Article 1 today: From the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology we have an article on the braincase of Giganotosaurus. An interesting read on the anatomy of the braincase of the animal. If the link below doesn't work, let me know and I can look for it somewhere else. Scribd is kind of dodgy with me sometimes.
THE BRAINCASE OF GIGANOTOSAURUS CAROLINII (DINOSAURIA:THEROPODA) FROM THE UPPER CRETACEOUS OF ARGENTINA The second article I have found is from a 1998 Lisbon based publisher, in English though, which supports the claim to Giganotosaurus being the largest theropod ever found through newly, at the time, unearthed evidence. This article can be found at:

New Specimen Of Giganotosaurus Found
The third article for the day is about the cursorial ability, the ability of the dinosaur to move and run, based on the femur of Giganotosaurus. In particular, the 2001 study is highly interested in the ability of the animal to run and what kinds of grave injuries a multitonne animal like this could fall victim to while running. Find this article here, at:

A new approach to evaluate the cursorial ability of the giant theropod Giganotosaurus carolinii

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