STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 July 2011

Bringing it back to the fun

Illustrations, arguments for and against the separation of genus, etc. are way too adult to happen everyday around here. Today, we're going to kick back a little and relax. It's not too prevalent, but things, such as toys that were based on B. brancai are now, technically speaking, based G. brancai. It's a silly distinction really, but if you have two different sized toys you could call the shorter on Brachiosaurus and the taller one Giraffatitan.

The Natural History Museum of London keeps information for kids separated into the two different genera now so you can look up either. The link above is for Giraffatitan's page. There is, among scientists dealing with the public, a general consensus to allow for both genera but there is still the debate about it, so don't let the NHML fool you into thinking that scientists have laid the matter to rest because they separate them. A lot of amateur scientists and dinosaur lovers have expressed a feeling of losing the past because of the name change, but really, we're gaining another animal, not losing an old one.

Regardless, sit back, color yourself an animal that, depending on your leanings, may or may not be Giraffatitan today. It'll make you feel better, promise.

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