STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 July 2011

The people responsible

The first fragments, unearthed in 1997, of Balaur bondoc were found by Dan Grigorescu. The partial skeleton was found by Mátyás Vremir of the Transylvanian Museum Society of Cluj Napoca and by Zolton Csiki of the University of Bucharest in Romania.Unfortunately, there is not much information available about any of these men so we cannot really talk about them all that much. One man that we can mention, who helped with the description and the naming of the species as well as publishing the article jointly with Csiki and others is Mark Norell (who works alongside Stephen Brusatte another co-author of the article).

Dr. Norell has been around for a little while now and has done a lot of work in helping to modernize the paleontological exhibits in New York's American Museum of Natural History while also being a professor linked to Columbia University. He has had quite an active career aside from the work on Balaur bondoc, but his life summary does a good job of explaining that here.Unfortunately there isn't much available on his involvement in the project either, so there is not much available in that vein today.

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