STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 August 2011

Popular Guys

As far as Albertosaurus is concerned, it is a very popular guy amongst his friends and family, since they appear to have lived in packs. However, they are also popular amongst paleontologists and many dinosaur enthusiasts for multiple reasons. Number one is that there is a lot of studying and researching topics that can come from such well known animals. Having over thirty individuals identified in varying age groups makes an entire lifeline feasible to postulate. Events from birth to death could be sewn together from many different individuals to make an educated guess at the typical life of any Albertosaurus male or female.

Aside from the lifeline of Albertosaurus being easy to research, there have been quite a few instances in popular culture in which Albertosaurus figures prominently. Spore, of course, provides us with the ability to create our own versions of Albertosaurus, like this one here:
There is also the possibility to find Albertosaurus in your toy department, as previously shown, and in the bookstore, as shown here.

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