STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 September 2011

Dromaeosaurus for all the kids

Dromaeosaurus, strangely, has been around for a long time but never has it gotten the popularity of its smaller, and larger, maniraptoran relatives. As such, I present to you the Kids Dinos page and the Kids Dig Dinos page for facts that are kid friendly. Additionally, Dino Dan,a show on Nickelodeon- imagine that, an educational and wholesome show on Nickelodeon again after all these years of vapid entertainment!- has a page detailing many dinosaurs, one of which is Dromaeosaurus.

If you're looking to have some sort of material item to play with the kids relating to Dromaeosaurus today I cannot, sadly, share with you a quality toy this week as their aren't any really good Dromaeosaurus toys out on the market. There are, however, books that you can read with your child. Check out this book on Amazon and this list from Google. Some of the books on Google you can read online, which is great for a child that wants you to read it right this second or if you want your child to read it to you today.

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