STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 October 2011

Connected to the Culture

Elephants, Mastodons, Mammoths; all animals that we can readily recognize. Collective memory? Association with existing species? What is it exactly that makes it so easy for anyone, whether science lover or hater, to identify these types of animals? It certainly is not drilled into our heads at school; paleontology as a science is barely touched upon in today's school partly in fear of sparking debates about evolution I am sure. However, those that help to build culture (television producers, movie makers, writers, etc.) the most turn to mammoths sometimes when they can't think of anything else I believe. Take Manny from Ice Age for instance; main character because mammoths are so highly recognizable. He's even given a love story in this computer generated tale. In case you've forgotten about Ice Age and Manny, take a gander here:

Older BBC shows exist too that featured mammoths:

On to the cute and cuddly influence of mammoths on the world right? I won't even describe it, just check it out:

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