STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 October 2011

Monday Viewings

There are a few, thankfully more than children's resources, movies and documentaries that use Arctodus as a subject. National Geographic produced a series of specials which compared the lives of Arctodus, Smilodon, and Dire Wolves in an attempt to discover why each of the predators went extinct. The series is not, therefore, entirely about Arctodus, however, it does have quite a bit of good information about the bears in the individual episode about Arctodus. Check out the episode online:

Jurassic Fight Club I mentioned yesterday, so for a clip from that show see Sunday's entry. Discovery, though, had another show called Prehistoric: New York which also featured the Short-Faced Bears. The bear shown in this episode, the clip below, is colored grey all over and almost has a regular bear's face. Additionally, the bear is said to have the same agility as a cat, which is highly debatable and not entirely agreed upon by scientists. Unfortunately Discovery is not a big fan of embedding video, and only a link can be shared to the video here.

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