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STL Science Center

03 October 2011

More Cat Videos on the Internet

This is, however, a different kind of cat video. There is very little that is cute or funny about Smilodon. The videos we have come from documentaries entirely, unfortunately, with one or two exceptions; depending on if you can find clips for the movie roles of Smilodon. The documentaries that are online as full shows and clips are typically very well done and typically done with computers. The old dinosaur documentaries of claymation and illustration do not exist for Smilodon or the Ice Age mammals at all really.

To the videos! Number 1 is a clip from a National Geographic special that was coupled with sales of the movie 10,000B.C. a few years ago. It's a fairly good documentary and includes a segment in which scientists create a model and experiment with the teeth of Smilodon.

Number two comes from an Animal Planet documentary which approaches the subject as if time travel and direct study were possible. Always an interesting approach, this type of special is quite good at getting across the information as well as a little excitement at the same time.

Number three, despite not being informational at all is just for fun. One of the "acting" credits of Smilodon, computer generated of course, is in the BBC show Primeval during the second season. I opted for a video someone has mashed together of that particular episode using Eye of the Tiger as a soundtrack.

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