STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 October 2011


First and foremost, I have to share that this ridiculousness exists because some TV movies and B films always make me laugh when they take subjects like troll hunting, megalodon, and Woolly Mammoths and make them "real" and deadly to mankind. Thank you SciFi for being willing to put up some crazy made for TV movies sometimes.

Anyhow, on to the real movie Monday festivities. The first documentary clip comes from Discovery and features Columbian Mammoths found near Denver. It's rather short, but it describes the environment a little and describes a little about the Columbian Mammoths. This is found here ( The second clip is about the same animal, Columbian Mammoths, this time the batch found in Waco, Texas. This clip explains what likely happened to these mammoths and how so many were buried together ( Then there are the clips that describe and compare mammoth and mastodon. This one first is talking about Chicago's prehistoric landscape ( Finally, from Discovery Kids, we have a short guide to mammoths. It also describes mastodons, but that's okay despite its shortness (

Finally as a finale. Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, which it is easier to find full clips of than Discovery programs, ran an entire episode dedicated to a Woolly Mammoth herd. The science is quite solid but it is also theatrical as the Walking with... series sometimes gets. The video here shared is the first part of that episode. Please find the rest at your discretion and enjoy it thoroughly (or buy the set on Amazon like I did a few years back).

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