STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 October 2011

Never Forgotten... Momentarily Delayed

I apologize for my slowness today. I have no idea what has come over me today but I have been running at about half speed all day and writing about Smilodon and finding child friendly resources has been just as slow unfortunately. However, in the end science prevails! It had a little help from the internet the helping hand of some previously known but helpful sites like Enchanted Learning, which has provided us with a child friendly fact page as well as a coloring page. Then, there are many other coloring pages as well including this, this, and this. They're all done to a different degree of accuracy and in different poses, but they're fun. Finally, I thought it couldn't get better, but I was wrong. For those parents and children that are feeling really artsy, or even just adults that are feeling artsy even if they don't have children, there is this pop-up design with instructions from National Geographic. I may just go make one now.

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