STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 November 2011

Playing with the Children

Maiasaura being famous for its care of its progeny would, one assumes, lead to many child friendly websites and everything for Maiasaura; knowing how people like to build off of things which appeal to kids and their parents and what else could the way a kindly mother dinosaur would I figure this must be true. It turns out, it is fairly true. There are my usual fact sites like KidsDinos and Enchanted Learning (which also has the only coloring page I could find dedicated directly to Maiasaura) but then there are other ones like this one from the Children's Museum of Indianpolis which is quite well organized and has some rather good information.

There are also books like Maia: A Dinosaur Grows Up, one of my favorite books ever when I was growing up that has since been pretty much relegated to the basements of every library in the world it seems. Maiasaura has, also of course, made its way to children's cartoons like Dinosaur King (geography, science, and nonsensical kid's cartoon time, including dancing dinosaurs, all in one fell swoop!) and, thankfully, Dino Train, which I swear is one of the best science shows on television for kids these days has an episode dedicated to the Maiasaura. The episode should be called "The Overprotective Mom," not "The Good Mom" but, hey, whatever!

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