STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 January 2012


Despite yesterday's meek showing Majungasaurus does have some more popularity left in it in the realm of film. In fact, one documentary even has a cannibalistic showing in it, which is interesting considering many documentaries shy away from the really strange things in the animal world like cannibalism. The two main sources are BBC's Planet Dinosaur and the History Channel's Jurassic Fight Club. Jurassic Fight Club details a more territorial and juvenile safety issue as causing a fight between adults and uses the bright waddle on the face model of Majungasaurus while Planet Dinosaur uses the pebble faced mask version and details a situation like that described in Rogers and Krause's paper mentioned last week. from Scientific American. It is very interesting to compare the two takes on the dinosaur as well as the two altercations as portrayed by different animators. The BBC fight is much shorter also. Check them out if you enjoy the clips below:

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