STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 January 2012

Gorgosaurus Gets A Name

Lambe named Gorgosaurus in 1914. His nine page article appeared in The Ottawa Naturalist in that year and described in detail, with measurements and sadly without any illustrations, the dinosaur in question. As with all naming papers, this is a good source on Gorgosaurus. In 1955, during the height of the Russian and Polish discoveries in Mongolia Maleev named a new Gorgosaurus species, Gorgosaurus lancinator. This Gorgosaurus was smaller than the North American version. It had larger lacrimal ridges, though. He named another species on the same trip as well, Gorgosaurus novojilovi. Both animals are now considered to be juvenile specimens of Tarbosaurus (often known as Tyrannosaurus bataar).

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