STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 January 2012

Happy New Year Kids

While mom and dad are still sleeping off their very late night, here are some Gorgosaurus links for kids. There is no KidsDinos links this week, but the Children's Museum of Indianapolis is filling the gap very well. They have a lot of amazing information and even teach about the bones and show evidence of a brain tumor their specimen probably possessed at her death! Next is Enchanted Learning, which is pretty reliable for us. They don't have great information, but it's worth a read. Now, on to the things kids love the most:
Coloring Page A
Coloring Page B

There is no Dinosaur Train Gorgosaurus episode yet, however, there are many types of Gorgosaurus found in the Dinosaur King video game. Here are a fire spitting and a venomous type. The venomous one has really long arms for some reason.

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