STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 January 2012

The Impact We Suspect

The discovery and subsequent study of Rapetosaurus has led to many interesting findings including the storage space for minerals and the like found in those large osteoderms. The implications for such a discovery are fantastic and will inspire many very interesting life models and portrayals of Rapetosaurus in its own time. Its Diplodocus like skull differs from the Camarasaurus like skull of most titanosaurs and has therefore opened up that line of inquiry as well that seeks to find what kinds of variation exist exactly in titanosaurs. I'm looking forward to toys and other items that get children excited about the animal myself because the facts that this dinosaur presents to paleontology will be the kinds of facts that bring in future paleontologists and inspire children by showing them pretty much anything is possible in the world, even a dinosaur that stores vitamins and minerals in its bones!

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