STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 February 2012

African Hunter

At approximately 30 feet long, Afrovenator, which has a troubled descriptive history, is a fairly large theropod. Three clawed fingers and toes exist on this mid-Jurassic African carnivore which existed at roughly the same time that Allosaurus was busy taking control of the Western Hemisphere. Its full name, Afrovenator abakensis, is an allusion to the place where the large predator was discovered. Another product of Niger, Afrovenator's one discovered skeleton comes from In Abaka, the Taureg name for the region. Jobaria, a sauropod found relatively nearby is one known neighbor, and most likely at some stage of its life cycle, and food item available to Afrovenator. This should be an exciting week of discovery, as little is written about this dinosaur in most encyclopedias!

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