STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 February 2012

Places to be Youthful

Not often, but sometimes, we run into a fantastic place for kids to look at dinosaurs on the internet. Today there is a very in depth and, as he always does things, playfully done review of Safari Ltd's Nigersaurus figure. It is posed just like the skeleton as assembled per Dr. Paul Sereno's vision and looks to be highly accurate. Kids do not typically want to read a review for a toy as much as they want to play with it, but be warned, Safari Ltd. toys are typically strangely expensive.

The important piece for today comes from Sereno and Gabrielle Lyon's young scientist program started in 1999 called Project Exploration. The young team has put together, and maintained, over the past few years a website dedicated to Nigersaurus. If seeing kids closer to their own age doesn't get kids interested in working with dinosaurs I'm not sure who else could, but I will certainly continue to try my best. Their website has pages describing Nigersaurus and image galleries and all kinds of other places to look. I am sharing their site directly on the coloring pages however, as I know I'd want to color this crazy animal. The coloring pages use the two images created by Todd Marshall, so that makes them a lot more accurate and fantastic than most coloring pages.

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