STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 February 2012

Scott Sampson, Animated Paleontologist

Dr. Scott talks with his hands a lot on Dinosaur Train, nothing wrong with that, he's excited about dinosaurs, but he's not the animated character of the week, that's his dinosaur find Masiakasaurus. He describes it for the kids watching Dinosaur Train in this clip from PBS. Unfortunately it hasn't made it anywhere else, like the episode it came from, meaning you can only watch it on PBS or Netflix. At least it's available though. Some things just are not available at all. There are some good sources for children to go to to learn more about Masiakasaurus, but only one built for kids fact page which, thankfully, does not have its typically bad illustrations. There are also books available, which is pretty fantastic considering that Masiakasaurus is such a new dinosaur to science. I'm also a little surprised but glad that Dinosaur Train has put out that episode to show kids about the dinosaur. Although, Bucky, the dinosaur in the episode, is kind of ridiculous.

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