STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 March 2012

The Fun Side of Tupuxuara

Tupuxuara, besides being an interesting genus of flying reptile, has some interesting collectibles and popular mediums in which it appears. We know that it does not appear on television or in documentaries, but it does show up in toys, models to be specific, and we have seen that before in the video shared earlier in the week. One video we haven't watched until today is that of a flying model of Tupuxuara. The flapping is a bit faster than the actual animal would have gone through of course, but it's an awesome model of it. The Japanese man flying it in the video has made multiple versions of Tupuxuara as well as other extinct flying reptiles and living birds.

There is also a really neat book of mazes that you can look for if so inclined. The Google result is here, and the Amazon search result is here.

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