STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 March 2012

Lacking Information on the Finger

Germanodactylus is what I have come to term an animal as "unfriendly to children" which does not necessarily mean that it is mean or evil or anything else anywhere close to that meaning at all for that matter. What it means is that Germanodactylus is yet another of an ever growing list that I have found, yet not compiled, of prehistoric critters which have very little and sometimes, as in the case of Germanodactylus, no representation online on any sites which cater to children in any way, shape, or form. That's not an awful thing, of course, but it is difficult to present coloring pages, toys, and other childhood related items to the readers when none exist. There is one book out there, Monster Fliers by Elizabeth MacLeod, geared more toward kids that may be interesting if one could find a copy and there is also Cliff Green Studios which makes large scale models of extinct and living creatures. I do not believe, however, that many people will want to by a "toy" as big as this one!

On a slightly unrelated note- though related to children- the Memphis Zoo has opened up their dinosaur exhibit for the Spring and Summer recently and, being on Spring Break, my wife and I went this past week. The photos are posted on my photography site A Blast from the Past Photo Journey. Please, look around at what was on exhibit.

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