STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 April 2012

Coloring Break

©Josep Zacarias
I would have written this about ten minutes ago, but I found an online coloring page, in French, and got into it. I colored a beautiful Tuojiangosaurus. KidsDinos is back this week with some quick fun facts for kids like how to pronounce Tuojiangosaurus (Too-oh-jee-ang-sore-uss here but toh-HWANG-oh-SORE-us according to Also, my DeviantArt acquaintance Josep Zacarias, as long as he doesn't mind, has created this very nice rendition of Tuojiangosaurus above which would make a wonderful coloring page to print off and color; notice the lack of spikes discussed yesterday, hooray for no spikes! It's too bad there's no scenery in it, but you can add your own kids! Just remember, Tuojiangosaurus most likely lived on a floodplain so you should surround it with low ferns, tall fern like trees, and little streams and ponds or a swamp like area. Either that or you can do whatever the heck you want to the background because that's half the fun of coloring and using your imagination!

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