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STL Science Center

03 April 2012

It's Everywhere!

I could wave my hand and find for you fifteen papers on Quetzalcoatlus. I woke up late and haven't had time to read any, however. Because of this, I am going to post links to the searches, read them this afternoon and during free spaces in my work day, and then recommend some this evening. I hate doing it this way, but it makes the most sense to do this job the best possible way for me to do it this way.
Google Search
PlosOne Search
I will update this sometime after 3:15 (CDT) today, promise!

I did not, during my work day, have much time for reading. However, I would like to note some papers that intrigued me by title alone, if I may. The first one is not so much a paper as it is a poster presentation in pdf by Atanassov and Strauss from Texas Tech that deals with methods of estimating body weight in Quetzalcoatlus as well as in Archaeopteryx. I like how well thought out their idea is, great details. That is a lot for a poster I will admit; I would much rather talk to the gentlemen than read all of that if I were at a conference, but of course, that's not the case and so I am happy to read the poster. Another paper I will take some time to read based on abstract and title is Witton and Habib's On the Size and Flight Diversity of Giant Pterosaurs, the Use of Birds as Pterosaur Analogues and Comments on Pterosaur Flightlessness, which is a mouthful, but is also a topic I find very interesting (in case my readers have failed to notice somehow my occupation with the idea of pterosaur flight in the last month). One more piece I would recommend reading is a download provided by Mark Witton from his website. Since it downloads directly, I can only link its location on Google to accurately bring you to it (he has a great deal of publications listed on his site and finding it can be more time consuming than this). It is well thought out and I did get a chance to sit and read this, and it is worth the five minutes or so it takes to read and more if it takes more!

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