STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 April 2012

One Crest To Rule All China

©Jordan Mallon

In Middle Jurassic China there were many animals like those found all over the globe. I believe we will spend some time in the Chinese landscape of the Jurassic for the next few entries. The first will be of this guy here: Monolophosaurus jiangi, also known once as "Jiangjunmiaosaurus" which is now not used. Only one known fossil, the type fossil, exists of this, possibly, 16 foot predator. This animal is not considered a foreign Allosaur, as we have seen in the past, but neither is it a foreign Ceratosaur, which would also make sense for its time frame of life which is about 168 to 161 million years ago. Resting in the "Super"family of the Megalosauroidea Monolophosaurus appears to have been consigned to the role of basal Tetanurian, or "stiff tailed" dinosaur as it has not been placed within the Megalosaur family or any other significant family. There has been mention, and this was honestly my first opinion, that Monolophosaurus might be considered an early Ceratosaur or Allosaur based on the head crest and basic skull design. The paper that details this point of view will be discussed on Tuesday as I find it fairly interesting.

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