STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 April 2012

Silent Stars

Monolophosaurus is one of those animals I like to think of as a "silent star" or a supporting cast member. Monolophosaurus has not appeared in any documentaries as the main animal and does not have fifteen million toys modeled after it, but it is popular enough that it does show up in popular culture. The coloring page from Sunday was featured in a coloring book and there were actually two pages, the second wouldn't load. There is a coloring book somewhere that shows Monolophosaurus twice instead of the one page one dinosaur rule of typical coloring books. Dinosaur King, which almost always has managed to represent the dinosaurs we discuss here, features at least three distinct cards of Monolophosaurus as well as including it in the Japanese fighting game shown below.

Now, granted that this clip only shows it for a mere moment, but the fact is that it is in the game so if one wanted, they could play as Monolophosaurus instead of whipping it about with a water attack like that Patagosaurus did. Home model kits exist, and you can even find more toy like models if you scour the internet, but they are usually custom made and therefore more expensive; Shane Foulkes owns a studio that at one point had a large model/toy at one point.

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