STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 April 2012

Somedays You Have No Luck

Children get the raw end of the deal in dinosaurs sometimes I have noticed. If anyone would like to work on a website aimed at bringing dinosaurs to children, let me know; though I cannot promise I will have a ton of free time coming up as I have just been accepted into a grad school and will go back to being a student after five years in August. I would like to see a site dedicated to bringing all species of dinosaurs to children one day instead of just the most popular dinosaurs which we always find. That being said, there are only two links I have for today. One is to an Encyclopedia Jr. article on Monolophosaurus which basically takes some of the science out of the standard encyclopedia entry and I am only going to link this coloring page. The reason for doing that is that the illustrator of the page was commissioned to draw the page for a coloring book two years ago so, while it is still his property it also the property of the coloring book publishers and next month could roll around before I get permission to actually post the picture itself.

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