STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 April 2012

Trying To Be a Star Since 1984

When a dinosaur like Monolophosaurus is pulled out of the ground these days the internet speeds that news like nobody's business (whatever that really means). Back in 1984 that kind of news stayed within the general field, some books here and there, and if it was local the television news. Not many Chinese broadcast stations reached globally at the time. Since then this decorated dinosaur has been able to reach out and gain some fans the world over, but not too many. Due to this slow acceptance of our friend Monolophosaurus, the videos for movie Monday are quite limited down to fan created videos and no documentaries. This has happened before, not a huge deal really when you come down to it. So what do you get to see today in videos? How about the classic "tribute" video first?
I also want to include another video that's the same idea because I think overall this guy does a pretty good job putting videos together of this nature.

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