STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 April 2012

The Young Rascal's Little Rascal

Kid size dinosaurs make for an interesting antithesis to the gigantic dinosaurs. Typically it's the giants that get attention but sometimes the tiny animals get some attention too from children. Sinosauropteryx would be one of those tiny dinosaurs that gets kid's attentions. Part of it is that the feathering is wonderful to look at and mesmerizing, like a platypus is. Feathers don't go on dinosaurs, they go on birds, all children know that, but then they see a dinosaur that has feathers and it completely blows their minds! The fact that most children over 3 are larger than this ferocious little carnivore is another reason children will love to learn about it on sites like Kids Dinos, read a book about it ($0.40, that's totally worth picking up!) or color a picture of one either online or offline:
©Josep Zacarias

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