STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 May 2012

500th Post!

I know I said that once before, but I erased some none dinosaur posts, so this is officially the 500th dinosaur post.

Sinraptor's body is typical, we have gone over that, for a theropod. The adult was about 10 feet tall, 25 feet long and was pretty lithe as far as its belly is concerned meaning that it most likely did not weigh a whole lot like an herbivore the same height and length would have. The original skull was found to have "a variety of gently curving tooth drags or gouges, shallow, circular punctures and one fully penetrating lesion." The teeth were not anything particularly special, they were fairly expected to be what they are when you look at them. The fact that this dinosaur has three decent claws indicates that these claws may have been used fr either grasping or slashing. They are not the enormous attacking claws of an Allosaur but neither are they the tiny underpowered hand claws of a Ceratosaur. There is not too much extraordinary about it, I am sad to report, so today seems like a really short entry. Oh well, it happens!

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