STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 May 2012

China, A Documentary Please!

Yangchuanosaurus suffers from the same fate as nearly every dinosaur from China. Save a few megastars like Velociraptor and the early birds found in China, there are very few Chinese dinosaurs that actually make it into key performances in documentaries. That does not mean that Yangchuanosaurus has never been talked about on film. In the Brookfield Zoo a few years ago there was a campaign run to vote for the most likeable dinosaur statuary in the zoo. The contest was labeled "Mesozoic Idol" and launched mainly through Youtube videos. Therefore, we have one from the Brookfield Zoo available to us. They dressed up the statue in 80's leg warmers, it's a little strange and they did happen to mention the song I keep thinking of when I say Yangchuanosaurus, so enjoy the minute of fun.
The other video I found is very short on information and then has about a minute's worth of info on TerraNova, the short lived Fox show. Sad that it's gone, buuuuuut it wasn't the best cancelled scifi show I've ever watched, so on with the dinosaur information:

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