STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 May 2012

Chinese Thieves

Quick question: is it possible to have a more sinister translation of a name than "Chinese Thief"? I believe the answer is yes, when the name not translated is Sinraptor, you are already sounding pretty devious. A carnosaur, Sinraptor dongi, and purported second species Sinraptor hepingensis, make up a rather small genus of Chinese Late Jurassic animals which have also lent their name to a family distinction, the Sinraptoridae, which also includes the genus Yangchuanosaurus. These large theropods are not related to the little dromaeosaurs often referred to as "raptors" or any other dinosaur with raptor in the name such as Oviraptor. Few remains have been found and those that have been found are on display or stored in China and have been such since their discovery in 1987.

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