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STL Science Center

08 May 2012

Finding Chinese Papers

Original Chinese studies of dinosaurs are very hard to find online. There are probably many reasons for this, but I certainly do not want to enter the realm of conjecture and stereotyping their government this morning; as many conversations about secrecy in China often end up doing. Regardless, some studies have had papers published that I can find that are about, or at least mention Mamenchisaurus. The first paper I found is a description of one of the newer species to be placed in the Mamenchisaurus genus, M. jingyanensis. If it will allow you to download, I did not check this morning, you will have a paper that describes a new species, we know what those are like, so it will not harbor any enormous surprises.

I also found the abstract, and I wish you could download this one without buying it, a paper on a study of the tail club found in Mamenchisaurus and the supposed function of that club. The fact that the club exists is interesting in a sauropod, the fact that I cannot read someone's findings on the club is a little sad.

Another paper, which also must be purchased it appears, that I found interesting through the abstract, is about the classification and evolution of Mamenchisaurus by Liu Kui and Cai Kaiji. Given the title, it may be a dry scientific paper, but I am interested in it all the same as it appears to be the first study including all the species of Mamenchisaurus found to 1997; which we know is not every species since the first paper names a species found in 1998. If we had both papers drawing a conclusion between the evolution as seen by Kui and Kaiji and the newly found specimen could prove interesting.

All of the other papers which briefly mention Mamenchisaurus which I have found are actually about vastly different topics or animals and as such I will not present them here today. I would like to have the original naming paper so as to share how such scant remains came to be regarded as a sauropod and one with an extremely elongated neck at that, but today, it is not in the cards.

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