STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 May 2012

Movie-less Mamenchisaurus

It is kind of amazing that we don't see all kinds of movies about Mamenchisaurus' long neck, or at least one. I am of the mind that every dinosaur deserves their own starring role in a documentary though, so I am a little biased. Not even every living animal today has its own high production documentary; I have yet to see a Discovery special on the horse, for example. There are cheap videos on how to raise your horse or how to care for horses, how to learn to ride horses, but even these cheaper straight to home video versions of documentaries do not exist for Mamenchisaurus, which is said. Instead, I have found some tours caught on tape of exhibits, which will still give a nice view of the skeletons and overall shape of the dinosaur, which is what we want from a documentary in part. This is a substitute, but it is still pretty wonderful.
You have to love Japanese museums and their fixation on robotic dinosaurs.
Mark Norell oversees some fantastic exhibits as well at the AMNH.

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