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STL Science Center

24 May 2012

Never Popular Chinese Dinosaurs

Majestically posed on a rock
Despite being a Chinese dinosaur, which does seem to be a handicap to the popularity of many animals that we have seen from China in the past, Huayangosaurus actually does seem to have a bit of a following out in the world in different places. There are toys, video game references, books, even an independent animation, which looks like it may have been a school project but is very well done, and of course papers and illustrations of Huayangosaurus. The only good toys I could find are made be Kaiyodo and can be found on ebay if nowhere else. I did find about a million shots of that one toy though.
Overhead shot, Huayangosaurus on far right. Look at those spikes
 I also found Zoo Tycoon references for Huayangosaurus on Youtube. I would rather link it today so it goes directly to the Huayangosaurus. Finally, I have for you, the short animation sequence. As I said before, very well done, and it looks like it was done for a class, but awesomely done for a class if that be the case. The sound is a little much, I won't lie, but it looks good.


  1. The one with the Amethyst is my property, It would of been nicer if you came with pictures of your own, or asked permission, thx.

    1. When I can find people's information I do, but since I could not and you obviously objected to it, it has been taken out. If I owned the toys in question I certainly would have used my own, just to reply to that part of your comment.