STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 May 2012

Newly "Invented" Species

Basal stegosaurids. Not really "invented" so much as evolved, but a new family, even through evolution, is technically an invention of life and in China was born a new family, the stegosaurids, and their first member appears to be Huayangosaurus. Huayangosaurus taibaii is named after a poet, specifically, and an alternative name to the province of Sichuan which is Huayang, generically. This, like many other Chinese stegosaurs, is often portrayed with shoulder spikes. I am looking into this. Huanyangosaurus lived 20 million years before Stegosaurus in the heart of the Jurassic of China. He was a tiny guy, 4.5 meters (about 15 feet), and had a unique tail arrangement. His plates were smaller than other stegosaurs and the spikes mentioned are typically portrayed at the shoulders but have been mentioned as being on the hips as well; we all love a little mystery.

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